Polyester strapping - Heavy duty, tough and high tensile strength

With high tensile strength and low creep for rigid loads, Plastex Polyester strapping provides an ideal, hazard free alternative to steel strapping.

Polyester strapping can be manufactured to exactly suit your customers' specific requirements; you can even send us a 1m sample of the strap you are looking for and we will match it exactly.

What's more polyester strapping is available in 8 different colours: black, clear, green, white, red, yellow, orange and blue. It can also be single colour custom printed for brand identity, usage or security purposes from a choice of up to 4 standard ink colours (black, red, blue and green). Click here for details.


Why select Polyester strap?

High rigidityWorks in automatic machinery
Low creepMaintains tension
UV resistantOutdoor applications
Orientates wellVery high tensile strength
Elastic memoryTo aid strap tension even in packs that settle/shrink
Good temperature resistanceReducing ageing effects/rusting
Toughness and impact resistanceDoes not split easily
Excellent chemical resistanceNo corrosion, non toxic, no dust or hairs
Transparent gloss appearanceQuality appearance.
Label/packaging visibility
ValueEquivalent cost per linear metre is less expensive than steel strapping

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bricks palletized hand strapping polyester drums strapped palletized bottles strapping_machine rolls polyester strapping

Specifications at a glance:
Width7 - 32mm
Thickness0.4 - 1.5mm
Break strength200 - 1,500kg
Elongation10 - 15%
ColoursBlack, Clear, Green, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue