Polyester strapping or Polypropylene strapping: Which one is right for you?

Why select Polypropylene strapping?

Polypropylene strapping can be specified for any number of uses, the most widely applied being for unitising, bundling, stabilising, preventing breakage in transit, security whilst minimising additional package weight.


Corrugated, food, timber, newspaper bundles, light and medium weight packages.

General Purpose Strapping

Plastex stock an extensive range of 'off the shelf' standard polypropylene strapping rolls to suit a large number of industry needs, including both hand and automatic core strapping. All available ex-stock.

Hand Grade Polypropylene strapping

Available in many different sizes and colours on either cardboard cores or plastic reels.

Designed to be applied by hand or with a range of joining tools.

Machine Grade Polypropylene strapping

Purpose made for table top, automated large arch and high speed machines. Precision wound coils for smooth continuous running, lightweight and safe to handle.

Why select Polyester strapping?

Polyester strap is predominantly used in the heavy duty sector of packaging - whether applied by hand or machine. It is polyester’s strength and robust associated properties that warrant its continuous use.


Bricks, blocks, tiles, metals, pipework, can/bottle pallets and heavy packaging.

Polyester strapping for hand & machine applications

Available in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses in plain or embossed textured finishes. Polyester contours well to aid strap tension while providing high rigidity and low creep factors.

Machine grade polyester strap is designed to run through large arch machines in industries where heavy duty strapping is required, especially when a machine incorporates a press - as polyester strapping has high elasticity properties enabling it to move with the package.

Polyester's high tensile strength and impact resistance make it ideal for stabilising and palletising in bottling plants and food processing applications where a non corrosive and non toxic strap is essential.